Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scenic Walks

The other day, I played around on and the end result was changing my desktop image to this photo from my past...

True, I did a bit of tweaking and I sort of 'Kinkade-ed' it up a bit I think, but the effect is far closer to the memory than the original image.

If I remember correctly, my wife gets credit for taking this one - though she wasn't yet my wife at the time. We were on what was likely one of the most ill-planned adventure weekends that this Eagle Scout had ever partaken in. ...and it was one of the best hikes of my life!

We'd gone to the Lake District in England while studying abroad. The whole class of 18 college kids and our American professor had gone the first time, but at least three of us (Meghan, myself, and another friend) had absolutely fallen in love with the region. So the three of us went back for a weekend.
There was no pre-arranging. No calling ahead. Just a train ticket and a list of hostels, and our previous time in the area - which amounted to about 48 hours of expertise.
Needless to say, it was an adventure in most of the safer senses of the word.

But I wanted to talk about walking.

Here's the thing that relates to the picture for today;
There are trails that go EVERYWHERE in the world. You can walk to the store, go to a hidden lake or find a mountain and traipse up a goat-path until you can't go any higher. Your intentions - planned or otherwise - can get you wherever you like.

But if you don't stop and look at what you're walking on, what you're walking next to, or what spectacles of natural beauty are off in the distance, you'll overlook vast sums of God's creation - which was, after all, made for you.

So I'll re-live my favorite hike for the lunch hour here.

But lets plan on going past some good things together sometime soon, okay?

...and take some pictures, so you can give God the credit.

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