Monday, September 27, 2010

Of a 'Binky' and an iPod...

Sometimes things just progress in a manner that doesn't seem strange, but when observed from a third party's point of view seem altogether comical.

...then sometimes they don't.

There's a good possibility for the following to be in either camp; funny with a chance of developmentally damaging, or normal with a good likelihood for an ironic smile.

Last night we had dinner with some friends who hadn't really seen our kids for a while. It was a bit of a gathering, with most participants being about the same age or slightly older than our kids' grandparents.
Just our two kids, a meal that they wouldn't try (Though it was more than excellent! Yum!), and after-dinner conversation that was out of their range of concern or care.

So after a little bit of their trying to be polite, my wife (as we'd planned) reached into her purse and produced our Nintendo DS for our son (5), and the iPod Touch for our daughter (nearly 2).
Neither of these choices are unheard of in our home. He is an expert at Mario Bros., and we have a couple dozen of kiddie apps on the iPod specific to her age group. Their electronic nannies gained us about another hour of adult conversation with our dinner friends.

As we wrapped up the evening, someone noted with great wonderment at how good the kids had been. We simply referenced their respective games and attempted to credit ourselves with none of the accolades.
Then someone noted that our little girl was sitting there, knowingly and deftly tapping her way through screens and games on the device, all the while with a pacifier in her mouth.
...the 'Binky' and an iPod.

To us, this is nothing.

She always has a binky. And she often has the iPod.
In fact, she's regulary referenced it as "myPod". A knowing allusion to the facts of life in our home these days - a little bit of Veruca Salt here and there.

But looking at the picture, I could see the humor along with the saddness 'what we've become'.
Yet, then again, the kids now play 'Super Mario' and are occupied coloring on the screen - as opposed to acting 'Super Crazy' and coloring on your host's wallpaper.
...I'll keep the binky and the iPod, thanks.

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