Wednesday, September 22, 2010


There's this beginning of day ritual that I've heard people discuss. I've seen TV commercials implying its presence. There are even words on the cereal boxes that I usually eat from late at night that try to tell me of its importance.

This mysterious meal (yes, some go so far as to call it a 'meal') is termed, "Breakfast."

I seem to remember something, long ago, to this effect. A childhood experience that faded away as I grew and went to college. Honestly, I've had my doubts until recently. I mean, Taco Bell has never corroborated the statement that Breakfast is the "most important meal of the day" - so therefore the entire institution is suspect in my opinion. ...but I suppose Taco Bell does imply by their 'fourth meal' that there is something more than lunch and dinner.

I joke about this because breakfast has been an elusive white stag for me, more so recently than ever. I always loved breakfast time, and in the days prior to my owning an alarm clock as a child the first thing every morning upon my ears was the 'tink' of Dad's spoon scooping up Frosted Flakes or Sugar Smacks (now Dad prefers things - I hesitate to call them cereals - with the word 'Fiber' or a spelled out 'One' in the name).

With kids myself now, the morning ritual that I had fully intended to get myself back into has suddenly lengthened itself into an involved system of barter and diplomacy - and all this usually before anyone in the household really wants to be awake.

And the very cause of my writing this, while also in association on deeper terms with yesterday's post, comes from my young daughter's propensity to request not 'breakfast' in the morning, but a 'nack' (thats, 'snack' in 1 year old).

I realize that 'snack' is far easier to say than 'breakfast', but between the almost two year old and our five year old I observe them and see that their experience of the mornings has already been far different than my own... and I'd much rather change that.
Sure, things will be forced to change next year with the onset of full-day kindergarten, but why wait?

...just my thoughts this morning as I take a few minutes at my office desk with a cup of coffee (yes I drink coffee now, more on that later) and a kiddie CLIF bar as my 'most important meal'.

The spiritual comparison here (morning devotions/Bible reading) is the REAL reason for this post, and that'll be something else to dwell on in times to come.



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