Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A New Look...

I do realize that there's little value in updating the appearance of such a thing as a website or blog if you don't intend to do anything about it... so let it be known that I do intend to do something about it.

Again, that being said, the imfamous quote about a certain road being "paved with good intentions" comes to mind and because of that alone I do somewhat even hesitate to post this brief set of remarks.

But here they are.


There's been an aweful lot going on this summertime, and since today is the last full day of summer you might think that I'd be inclined to write about it ALL.
Well, I'm not.

But piece by piece some of it might come forward, who knows?

Lets start by talking about today.
What a dissappointment of a day...

I had one thing on my planner - ONE THING - and I missed it!
I was scheduled to do chapel across town at our East-Side Lutheran High School, and I'm very sorry to admit that because of traffic and my lack of research into said traffic, I only arrived as the bell was ringing to welcome the students back into their next class AFTER the appointed time for chapel service.

I had a good one for them too.

So, on the very distant chance that anyone from Cleveland Lutheran East High School classes of 2011-2014 is reading this:
"I'm very sorry, and I hope to make it up to you soon."

I suppose its something to learn from, and to avoid duplication of. All that 'education' and 'self-improvement' sort of stuff...

But once I got back, I just felt nearly enraged with frustration.

I knew there wasn't anything to be done. As I said to the office staff here, I was really quite 'Zen' about the whole thing while on the drive, etc.
But coming back, my combination of disappointment/anger/self-punishment/and some pent-up general sadness literally made my head spin. (well, it FELT like it was spinning - a literal head-spin wouldn't be very good for the spine)

...and in my reaction is my lesson for the day.

...and in that lesson, I've somehow wound up back here.

May God bless HIS work in us all!


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