Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Rollers - The Sickness


This week has been a 'coughing week' at our house.

The little ones have been hit the worst - our 4 year old has been coughing very loudly, and our 14 month old can barely get enough air to cry about the boogers running out of her face.

...then there's me.

I focus straight to me, since my wife seems impervious to any illness lasting longer than 18.5 hours. Seriously! We catch the 24 hour flu bug in our house and the kids get 24 hours, I fight it off in 12 (if I'm lucky), but Meghan is done in 2.4! So she caught this last coughing spell, and it took her about the max of 18.5 hours to run its course for her. ...she gets no further internet sympathy.

But I, on the other hand...

Well, really you don't need to feel sorry for me either. The cough wasn't fun, and the sinus stuff yesterday wasn't fun - the worst part being some drainage lodging itself next to the inside of my left eardrum - but all told, I'm getting better now.

But that stuff really makes excercise a LOT less fun!

Meg and I began a '30 minutes every other day' workout routine just before the coughs came last week. That means that within a day of whining about not being on my bikes, I actuall did something about it for once! (albeit indoors on the rollers - but hey! take what we get.)
But Sunday night, after a day of talking, preaching, standing and instructing - my head was so thick that I just knew that my inner gyroscope would fail me if I tried.

Good move on my part.

Last night I rode again. And though my balance was acceptable, my lung capacity was horrendous.

[note the use of sickness as an early excuse for being way more out of shape than I've got any business being - skillfully played out as a noble attempt to 'work through it'... what a lame-o!]

But it was good!

I'm going to try to post a video sometime of just what the experience entails. Its hard to describe the feeling... but I might call it something akin to a giraffe on ice skates: you know he's going to have a good time - provided that nothing goes wrong!


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