Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two-Wheeled Cravings

They've started...

As the snow comes and goes, and the sun shines brighter than it has in weeks; they hit me.

When I walk outside and think, "This isn't so bad."

When I read Jill Homer's Blog about riding in snow, rain and ice.

Even as my car locks up its tires because the light changed late into my left-turn commitment and the combination of salt and frozen rubber loses grip, my mind says, "One of the bikes could've made that."

The Two-Wheeled Cravings of January are upon me!

Whether you term them cravings, withdrawl, lack of responsibility or effort, it doesn't matter. It does seem, however, that the subject of biking keeps coming up. I don't care at this point if there's a motor involved or not (more likely 'not' if I'm honest for the time being); my friends are posting about it, the mailings are urging off-season deal grabbing and I...

...well, I'm hopelessly out of the scene.

For the time being, I'll continue to rely on excuses. But I know that those will wear thin shortly.
I can talk about my brake cables that need tightening/replacing.
I can say that I don't have time.
I can revel in my fondness toward the wintery paunch that has seemed to develop over these last months.


I could put some gloves on and do something about this lurking and nagging thought in the back of my mind - that I'm really worried that I'll never do it again if I don't get back on a bicycle SOON!

...oh well, there's always my dearly-loved scooter.

(who is currently also mad at me for not regularly starting him up this winter)

Anybody want to ride?


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