Monday, January 25, 2010

Videos for Church

I've been doing some work for our upcoming Jr. High Gathering, and as a result I'm trying to remember how to be "cool" as well as "interesting"...

hmmm... yeah.

So to help, I've been looking around on our favorite church-video site, BluefishTV.

(This is sounding way more like a commercial than I intended!)

Anyhow, here's a fun one that I might end up using in the not to distant future...

Definitely something that I'm trying to remind myself and our congregation of. The concept of not having to be the "expert"... and letting God work through what He's made.

This is wholeheartedly a concept that goes with this WhitePigeonHope idea: The Holy Spirit of God will use you quite effectively when and where and how He chooses... just be there for it, and let His hand do the work!


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