Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My YouTube Award *

Its official! *

I've just signed up for YouTube as of yesterday, and they've already given me a major award!

Behold, you are now reading the words of the holder of the prestigious:

YouTube's "Most Boring 16 minutes" Award - January 2010

"...and I'd like to thank the Academy, and all the 'little people' who made this possible. And... and... HEY! Stop playing that annoying music, I'm trying to talk here!"

* Its not really 'official' - I'm making this up. And I'm including this footnote so as to not lead any of my friends or family astray. There is no such award. YouTube hasn't yet given me the time of day... seriously, not even a "Thanks for registering with us" e-mail. And that's ok. I'm not cool enough for them anyhow.

In all actuality, I did sign up for a YouTube account. And I did post about 16 minutes of video yesterday. And I wouldn't be surprised if I received such an award as the "most boring."

But I do think that I might be onto something.

I'm certain that I'm not the first, but what I've done (and no, I'm not attaching the links... sorry) is put an informational meeting on-line for our Confirmation Families. Not rocket science, not even difficult... but something that I hope to save some time and effort as well as the confusion of getting everyone's schedules arranged to meet in person.

...its really not a big deal, I know.

But if it works as I hope it will, its going to be nice.


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