Saturday, January 16, 2010

Natural History Museum - A Zoo for things that used to be alive.

Yesterday, I took the family to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

It was a lot of good fun! Big enough for a day's venture with the kids, and not too busy on a Friday this time of year.

Naturally, there was plenty of evolutionary content to be ignored, but the dinosaur exhibits and everything were really nice!

Also, I'd not realized that Cleveland has really got a couple of 'celebrities' there;

We saw "Lucy" of diminutive-prehuman fame...
(though her real bones are back in Ethiopia now)

We saw a moon rock...
(it was not made of cheese)

We saw the first Foucault's Pendulum to be electromagnetically assisted...
(interestingly, and quite permanently positioned directly blocking a fire hose panel)

but perhaps the biggest thrill,

We saw Balto.

The real thing!
(Well, his posthumously posed self.)

And he doesn't look like this...
(and the real story is much more interesting than the movie - though much less romantic - see link below)

And his statue in Central Park, NYC isn't perfect either...

(but, to be fair, its devoted to ALL the sled dogs as well as just the star of today's show...)

This is what Balto looks like today:

And this is a shot taken in his prime...

Here's the full story on the Museum website.

Naturally, I was the only one really excited about Balto within 50 feet at the time. If not for my 1 year old on my shoulders at the time, I think that I may've creeped out a set of high school girls who were remembering the movie version of the story in bits and pieces, as I told them to go to the same web-site that I'm encouraging you to see (above).
Well, the point of this post wasn't supposed to be Balto, but its not a bad point.
...better than something about Jay Leno, I suppose. And much more educational.

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