Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl; maybe the best reason to have a big family in America!

Thanksgiving has turkey.
Christmas has goose (if you hold to that tradition).
Easter has eggs.
And Valentines Day has chocolate.

But Superbowl Sunday has no such boundaries or 'reasonable' regulations in the food department.

And what better way to spend a January evening than throwing your New Years diet to the wind and stuffing your face with Nachos, Wings, Hot Dogs and beverage (often simultaniously). All in the name of choosing a team to cheer for based upon how much your favorite uncle or cousin is rooting for the opposite team... A loyalty he developed at an obscurred moment in childhood when his favorite player was traded to that team's rival.

But the opportunity to eat, and to do so with people you care about - with interesting commercials to go along with it all - THIS is why God invented broadcast TV!

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