Friday, May 22, 2009

What's a garage opener to do?


  • Leave the back door about 2 minutes late.
  • Walk to the garage door.
  • Twist handle.
  • Lift door.
  • Get vehicle out of garage.
  • Remove self from vehicle.
  • Close door.
  • Rejoin self with vehicle.
  • Depart.

  • Leave the back door - simultaniously press garage door opener.
  • Get into vehicle.
  • Be on your way and simultaniously press garage door opener again.
You'll note the new way is much shorter and involves waaay less strain!

Meghan's Dad and I put that bad-boy garage door opener in today, and it will be awesome!

Tomorrow we commence with the roto-tilling of the backyard for the sake of the the great vision that is to come. I'll post some amazing pictoral diagrams of my mental images of what will be...

Perhaps something like this:

...or perhaps not.


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