Sunday, May 31, 2009


50 days after Passover...

50 days since Jesus payment as the sacrificial lamb...

He ascended about a week ago...

Now we celebrate again in Jerusalem - and throughout the world!

Pentecost is an easily forgotten church holiday. Its not the one where we get candy, its not the one where we get presents, it isn't even the one when Mom makes us all wake up early and go to church because Dad bought her flowers! (OK, so Mother's Day technically isn't a church holiday... but if you asked around, that's probably the 3rd "Big Church Day" for many families in our country. Right?)

Pentecost is the day when we celebrate the Holy Spirit coming in an amazing way and kicking off the real work of the Church on Earth.

And yet since its so easily forgotten, it sort-of makes it all the more appropriate... given the situation for the Holy Spirit.

This is all just going back the the main point of this blog, I suppose.
The idea that God continuously works in sometimes quiet and sometimes not so quiet ways through the efforts of the Holy Spirit in our world.

Pentecost is a day to blow the trumpet for the 3rd Person of the Holy Trinity, to be sure. But the really great part about the Holy Spirit is that, regardless of whether we recognize His work in our lives or the lives of those around us, He still does His thing!

Praise the Lord that the Spirit continues to work in our world through the Word of God and His people!


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