Monday, May 18, 2009

The other day...

The other day I was casually walking through the living room and I encountered something interesting. It seems that a couple of kids had managed to wrangle themselves an elusive "couch kitty". The following images were hastily snapped on my camera-phone, as I tried to keep a safe distance from the action. Here's a rough narration of how things went down...

Boy: "Good jump, sis! Now hang on 'til he's fully submitted and is placid!"
Girl: "Alright, but get up here and help!"

Girl: "OK, I think I've got him... what variety of couch kitty do you think he is?"
Boy: "I'm not sure, let me see; Orange and White markings, Northeast Ohio, long tail... I'd say we've got ourselves one of the last remaining specimins of 'Felis Caesarus'!"
Girl: "Do you think I should let him go?"
Boy: "Well, that depends on if you want to keep your hand. I'm not liking the look in his eyes..."
At this point in the action, my 'flight' instinct took over and I ran away as fast as I could. I don't know what happened to those children, but one can only hope that they were wise enough to back away from the enraged beast carefully and respectfully.
Obviously this is a fictionalized version of what was really not a story at all. I just wanted a good excuse to post some semi-blurry pictures that I took of the kids' version of cuddling with their cat... who had until just prior to this been blissfully resting on the couch.
Caesar is actually doing really well with the kids (not that he ever wasn't). He's very fond of Ellie's attentiveness to him, and has even been giving Ben the opportunity to pet him on regular occasions.
Things are pretty good.

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Karen said...

Ha ha, great pictures and funny stuff.

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