Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Like a teleprompter in my head...

Tonight was our first Membership Class as part of a new concept that I'm trying out here at church. I invited the Long-Standing (carefully avoiding the term 'Old') Members to join us for review as one of our Elders and I taught a New Member Class on the topics of:

1) Martin Luther's Reformation
2) Classic Bible Narratives
3) The Chief Parts of the Catechism

It turns out that Luther's life works really well to go along with sharing the doctrines of the faith... and there are always good Bible stories to go with the teachings of the church.

...that's kinda how we got those teachings.
(That's a bit of sarcasm, for those who might not be aware. Our church only gets its doctrine from the Bible.)

But anyhow, to get to tonight's point:
As I spoke stood in front of the class tonight, I was blessed to have the 'right' words more often than not. At least I believe that they were the right words - because its pretty hard for me to take credit for them.
Its not like I can claim to be in any sort of trance, or that I was speaking in tongues (in the sense that most people think of strange language babble), but sometimes when you get talking about God's Word and explaining the Gospel it seems like the words just come!

I could compare it to having a teleprompter somewhere in my head.

Certainly the concepts and the language are not all that strange.
The actual words have likely passed through my lips before as well.
At the very least, I can give credit to other people much wiser and more learned than myself as having spoken those words in my presence.

But the ability to smoothly string all those concepts together; that's something else entirely.

And don't go believing that I was prepared enough to have things go so smoothly!
...that certainly isn't the case.

Instead, I'm giving credit to the Holy Spirit for doing some good work even though He's working through a relative simpleton such as me.

This is just another example of that whole "White Pigeon" concept...

Just God taking the opportunity (at least I pray) to quietly and unmiraculously do some melding and shaping of His people for the sake of His Kingdom and sharing the Good News that Jesus is the Christ!

Its a lot of fun to be along for the ride.


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