Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still out of shape, and still no pics in this one... so lets talk about St. Patrick

My blogging seems to be a direct reflection of my fitness levels these days...

Yeah, that good.
[note the sarcasm dripping off like sauce on BBQ ribs]

But things are going to be getting better. I hope.

The new bike has adapted well with adjustments, and its a whole lot of useful fun to ride!
So life isn't too bad, really.

In addition to that, today is St. Patrick's day (which means that yesterday was St. Urho's day for all my friends who wear the purple)! And as a result, I've had the joy of relating, in very loose terms, the story of St. Patrick to two classes of our Pre-Schoolers here today.

St. Patrick is a pretty admirable figure, once you take away the crazy bits about the snakes and the associations of green beverages and rivers! In fact, though I'm not Catholic, I have no trouble wearing green (in addition to my splash of orange of Protestantism) in rememberance of the efforts of such a significant evangelical heart.

...and what's more, if there really was a system of merit that earned the status of 'saint', I think that folks like Patrick would be ringers for that too!

Just imagine being kidnapped and enslaved as a youth...
Taken away from all you know and care about...
Being rescued and brought 'home'...
...only to realize later on that your true calling in life is amongst those very people who made you suffer for those hard years that they stole away from you as a young man.

By going back to share Christ with his captors in Ireland, Patrick was following the nudges and urgings of the Holy Spirit; and God worked through him in BIG ways!

...and now people drink beer about it.



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