Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Response to F.A.A.N.G.

Poor Caesar...

This post has its origins back from December. We'd had all those 'unfortunate' reports and nasty letters floating about from the Cat Union, F.A.A.N.G. That's all in the past now, mostly. And well, with Ellie around it seems as though Caesar has found a new perspective on things. He and I sat down and talked... we had visitors coming from all corners of the country in order to pay attention to him... things weren't too bad. The excitement of everyone being in town for the baptism is long since gone, and all the "guest petters" have gone away with it. Then the Christmas holiday let him have some time to think about things at home by himself. He's found that all that's left are the usual humans... perhaps he'll try them again.

This picture was taken back in December... a moment that changed things!
A moment that changed things so that nowadays they look a little more like this...

So Caesar and I thought that it would be appropriate to send the lovely representatives at F.A.A.N.G. a status update, as they indended, in order to share what life is like now...

To: F.A.A.N.G. Local 9L2 (Cleveland-West)Investigative Rep. #9L2-24, Lavernius "Midnight" Olearude, et al

From: Orange Julius "Caesar" Peters and alpha human family member, Matthew

Dear cats,

As requested, we are submitting this follow-up report within the appropriate time limits in order to put aside any doubts that the Feline Association Against Negligence in Grooming & Care (F.A.A.N.G.) has previously had concerning our household and the humans therein.

Let it be known that the matters previously mentioned have been discussed and all parties are readily compliant with the agreements reached.

What's more, we'd much prefer that your monitoring of our situation in the future be restricted to opportunities when one or more parties within our household requests your assistance...

In other words; "Keep your whiskers out of our business!"


- The Peters Household

Yep, we're doing ok...

God's Blessings to you and your families (pets included) as well!


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Karen said...

I love the picture of Ellie and Ceaser napping. I'm glad Ceaser's happiness is restored, and I was happy to be one of the "guest petters."

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