Monday, December 8, 2008

Flu season mailings?

Did everyone but me know that these were out there?
Just got one in my mail today at work:

Anti-microbial Envelopes!
I guess it makes sense...
Sort of.
I suppose that if your mail is being processed and handled by all sorts of people, and you're planning on it falling into a cesspool somewhere along the way (which has happened to some of our mail on many occasions)... I guess having antimicrobial envelopes will help the situation.
The best thing I can come up with is that its kinda like sending a hallmark card. Its the hallmark card of business correspondence: "When you care enough to send something germ-free!"
I'm sure that I'm missing the point.
But I thought it fun and worthy of sharing. the way, that sucker was REALLY hard to get into!
Maybe I've got too many microbes on me. I have been feeling a bit stuffy.

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