Sunday, November 9, 2008

O.K. dear... you may have the baby now.

So this is terribly selfish and/or controlling of me.

...and I just know that writing this before the 'big day' is gonna come back and bite me.

But as of today, after church and another meeting and me packing my stuff into the hospital bag, I think that I'm alright with my wife either going into labor or being induced as planned.

(she's not done either yet, so no unnecessary excitement please)

This occured to me a while back. What was I going to do without a solid and orderly plan in place to have the baby when I was ready?

How terrible is that!?!

Hopefully, this is God's more subtle version of a reminder that I've got to always be ready AND to let Him stay in control of the timings of life.

But now I AM READY!!!

...and excited!

...and smiley!

...and scared just a bit.

(what am I going to do when they BOTH are jumping on me, ala "Hop on Pop"? Yikes!)

Details to follow, as appropriate, etc.


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