Thursday, November 6, 2008

Coming SOON: Another kiddo!

Today is my last 'regular' day in the office for a while.

I mean, I'm working for the weekend (as usual, Sunday is kinda a big day for the job) and I'll be coming in on Monday... but that's moreso to make sure I've got everything in order for next week...

Because on the 12th of November, the baby comes!

My wife's due date is the 18th, but they decided to induce early since our son was a pretty good sized baby. So, come 39 weeks, we are GO!

For those of you doing the math, this means that I'll be taking one extra day off prior to the date of induction... that's because its going to be my wife's last birthday that she gets all to herself!
(In fact, the Dr. wanted to induce on the 11th, but she said, "NO! I don't want to share." - She's the youngest child in her family, they never share well.)

Basically that's it. Just sharing the fun.
As I'm sitting at home with them I'm sure that you'll get all sorts of semi-eloquent postings - and probably some semi-coherent ones too!

Prayers wouldn't hurt if you got 'em.

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Jon and Lani said...

hooray! i'm happy to hear! can't wait to meet the new little peters baby! :) we'll be praying for you guys! ;)

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