Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I went to vote and all I got was this lousy sticker

Not being much of a coffee drinker, and not being certain where the nearest Ben & Jerry's is, my morning reminded me of one of those traditionally lame tourist T-shirts:

"My Parents/Friend/Acquaintance went to ____(insert city name)____
and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt!"

So I went to vote this morning - a pleasant experience at our location; no line at all, happy people, no scary-ness outside, etc. And all I got was this sticker:

I knew I was going to get a sticker. And honestly, I wasn't expecting a band to play some heroic march as a result of my doing my civic duty, but I guess I was disappointed because this was my first sticker... (I've always had to vote absentee before) and I wanted it to simply say: "I Voted" In big, proud, patriotic letters. Like this...

Of course, in my eagerness to share what I see as a somewhat sub-par sticker, I placed it onto my scanner without anything backing it... and after scraping it off the lid of the device, now my only proof of American pride looks like "I Voted" last week and subsequently left the sticker on my shirt as I put it through the wash...

Oh well, it doesn't take away from that fact that I did vote.

And we should vote...

We're not separatists, we're not disloyal to God when we're loyal to our country.

In fact, the countries of our world (note I do not simply say our country) are set up by God to help create order in our fallen creation. Theocracy could be an option, but that's pretty severe when we've got a world full of sin... I know I'd look out for gaping sinkholes.

So lets vote.

Get your sticker...

...but don't try to scan it until later tonight.

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Karen said...

Me too. They gave us the classic "I voted" sticker with the flag in the background. The bummer is that I actually forgot to put it on and wear it for the rest of the day. Shoot, I didn't even partake of the one bit of freebie goodness that I was offered.

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