Monday, November 3, 2008

the busy exsistence of 'All Saints'

'All Saints Day' made Oct. 31st popular.
Luther made Oct. 31st imfamous.
Halloween put Oct. 31st on a sugar high.
- now -
America has made Nov. 1st the new "Beginning of the Holiday Season"

My wife went to the store last night, she thought it was getting late to be shopping on a Sunday and that she'd have to hurry. But when she got into the check-out lane, she overheard the lady in front of her asking the clerk... "So you must be open until 6:30 tonight then?"
"Nope" said the already tired employee, "We're open 'til 8 tonight."
"Eight?" replied the surprised shopper, "On a Sunday night? Wow. Is that normal hours?"
"Well," smiled the girl ironically, "Holiday Hours, you know..."

While its nice to see people observing All Saints Day with such enthusiasm, it seems a little premature (in my humble opinion) to be staying open late for the "Holiday Rush".

But then again, maybe this is their way of encouraging people like me to shop earlier for Christmas, etc. If they go with a 'hurry-up offense' maybe I'll be more likely to go out and shop...


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