Thursday, September 24, 2009

Play that funky music... at the German Cultural Center!

Lots of happenings, lots of being "away".

It always makes it harder to come back.

So I thought that I'd start with a fun little moment that the title refers to today.

Simply; I performed a wedding for a great couple here at church. Meg and I went to the reception (a great mix of very nice and quite fun, by the way). And this moment of appropriate-ness struck me enough to laugh out loud:

The DJ, up on the stage at the Germanic Cultural Center, who'd been playing Polkas to great success 'til this point, broke out with some 'Wild Cherry'...

Though I didn't get up and dance with my clerical and suit, I certainly wanted to "Disco-down and check out the show."

Ah the fun!

...more soon, I hope.


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