Monday, July 27, 2009

The WhitePigeon Scooter Light Test

I've mentioned my scooter, a Buddy 125, before.

I've shared some fun times.

But I've yet to share what it looks like. So here are a few pictures, and there's a fun little video below as well... enjoy!

There are more images on facebook - assuming you're my friend (which I believe to be true of the three of you who might occasionally look at the site.)
But as an added bonus to the blog-viewers...

Here's a video showing off some additions that I've made to the scooter's lighting. My wife is sitting on the scoot working the controls. I failed to give her any useful instruction before filming this... the byproduct of which, you'll get to hear the horn that I added to beef up my road presence. (As did the neighbors at 9:30 that night.)

Its all about safety in the midst of fun and 'cool'... and 'cool' is often in the eye of the beholder.

I'm so cool!


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Christopher said...

Cool! Safety is #1. I like it.

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