Tuesday, April 14, 2009

St. Paul gets "Street-Viewed"

Well, I did in fact ride the scoot to church on Easter morning... and it was just as I hoped.


And its been raining again, so no more riding since Sunday.

But that's neither here nor there... today I wanted to proudly announce (that I finally noticed) that we've been 'Street-View'-ed!
Google has continued its worldwide endeavor to know everything about everything, and has thereby seen fit to commence its StreetView operations on most of the suburban streets here on the near-ish West Side of Cleveland. So here we are:

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(If you can't see the image, just click on the 'View Larger Map' link... something isn't working quite as it should.)

I just think that its great that they happened to drive by on the day when some of our guys were constructing our 'New Sign'... (The poor Trustees of our congregation have gone through H___ and High Water, well maybe everything BUT those two things, to try and get this thing done right. I've been here almost two years, and it had been in the works for the better part of a year before that... its still not done.)
It certainly adds a 'realistic' character to the images.

Come to think of it, maybe we should park a shiny pick-up truck on the front lawn all the time... I mean, car dealerships do that constantly! They're all about "bringing people in" we're all about "bringing people in"... aren't we?

...aren't we?

There's been a little discussion about this topic running around church as of late. And questioning our "Street View" might be a good way to go about it...

How best to encourage an outward focused and evangelism-friendly church seems to be something that everyone wrestles with everywhere, regardless of denomination. But its really been something that we've been thinking about lately ('we' meaning the general leadership of our congregation).

Maybe I'll just Google it...


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Karen said...

This blog has clued me into an interesting fact, that not all of the country has streetview yet. The weird thing is that Saratoga already has it. You can find our house already (although you have to scroll to the left a bit). I assumed since our house was on there that everyone's was. After reading this blog I tried to find my old houses in MI but none were available. I guess it just seems odd that this tiny little mini town way up in the mountains would be street-viewed before some place such as Saginaw or a suburb of Detroit. Huh.

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