Monday, April 27, 2009

My car: As useful as need be.

I am the proud owner of a 1992 Geo Prizm.

...and I say 'proud' without any intended irony. Though I completely understand why you'd expect it to be so. I mean, come on!

But I'll have you know that this little car has continued to toe the line in each and every way that I've asked it to perform over the last 6 years of my ownership.

(aside from the winter when the driver's door wouldn't open, and it's continued penchant for rusting out its side-panels... not to mention the headliner sagging and thereby serving to literally line your head with fabric instead of the car's interior... minor issues, I say!)

And since I've put the bike rack bars on the roof, the possibilities have become downright endless!

For instance, observe what we brought home last night!

I actually was a little insulted by the employee at Home Depot who helped me put it on the rack. I had expected him to think me a bit crazy for attempting this - by all appearances I, and all the people who stopped and stared at me on the drive home, would agree. However, he kinda got under my skin when he continued to criticize my judgement rather than making helpful suggestions regarding the alternatives for getting the $200 worth of merchandise that I just purchased at his store safely home.

What he didn't realize is that I come from a proud and long-standing line of tie-down and packing experts, and what's more, I married into a family of practical MacGyvers when it comes to making mechanical things functional! By the time I'd finished lashing that baby down, I could've rolled the car over by pushing on the unmoving cardboard box!

The gliding loveseat is now safely in position at home, providing a spot of respite for those who will watch our backyard transform this spring/summer into a magical land of relaxation.

More on that as things progress...


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Karen said...

Ah, the Prism. She's a tough little gal.

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