Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gnome or Kabouter?

For those of you who'd rather not follow the randomly acquired link to a brief article about 'little people', the tradition of gnomes apparently comes from a series of legends and folklore from the forests of northern Europe, and especially Dutch folklore. Not that it has ANYTHING to do with the usual subjects on my blog... In all honesty, I was hitting a dry-spell and really didn't want to think about real life today, so I hit 'random' at Wikipedia (as implied above) and here we go...
A much more thourough accounting of gnomes can be found at Wiki's actual 'gnome' entry.
This leads me to wonder about the Garden-Gnome industry - if there is such a thing.
What kind of gross do the manufacturers/sellers of these lawnmower delicacies pull down per year? Are there gnome regulations in place throughout America? Why am I expending such mental energy on this topic...?
Well, maybe I'll just browse around for a while to satiate this strange urge...


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