Thursday, December 11, 2008

Locked the Keys in...

- sigh -

I'm posting from work because I'm going to be here for a little while.
Mainly because I locked the keys in the scooter when I got here.

- sigh -

I've been spoiled, you see.
Lately (for the last three years) the drivers door of my car refuses to lock (don't tell any thieves! not that there's anything worth taking...) so I have this lessened sense of necessity when it comes to keys and locks on vehicles.
And I even anticipated this day... I told myself that I would never Never NEVER put the key into the underseat storage compartment - because once its in, it ain't comin' out on its own!

- sigh -

But I did.
When I got here, I was taking off all the wintery riding stuff that you put on to ride, but take off before you walk in because they scare people. My office keys were in the seat, so I thought that it'd be no big deal... I'd grab my scoot key when I grabbed them.

I didn't.

- click -

Oh no!

Luckily we don't live too far away, and Meghan found the spare without too much difficulty.
Thanks dear!

Even though its nothing all that drastic, its no fun feeling helpless like this.
Its no fun being without a way to access your lifeline home.
(One reason that bicycles are always a good option... but I digress.)

My daughter is getting baptized this weekend - how does that fit in today?
Hold on... we'll get there.

Locked Out.

= Not fun.

Baptism is a key.
God gives us this simple access.
He does the work.
He picks us up and is ready to take us home.

= Really good stuff.


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