Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks for all the Mustard

My previous post on life's "finer things" was intended as more than silliness.
It was a set-up.

This idea of being thankful can be found today on 99% of active American blogs - if I dare to make a guess. And thats for good reason.

We are a nation that can afford to be thankful. I mean, though the men in the Grey Poupon commercial might emulate a continental style, we are a country who can have any type of mustard that we could ever imagine. What a concept!

In my pantry and fridge in the last year, for example you might have found: Yellow, Dijon, Grey Poupon, Stadium Style, Honey Mustard, and some greenish variant that we never really touched (and I'm not even a real mustard connoisseur!)

Such extravagance!
Such variety!
Such blessings... assuming you like a good mustard.

But the point is this; even if we didn't have all the mustard choices that we do, we'd still be amazingly blessed with plenty to be thankful about.
The simple ability to live and do as we generally please... I'm thankful to God for such a sweet set-up! There are many who are not so lucky.

So, on this day of thankfulness...
...count your mustards.


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