Sunday, November 30, 2008

Moving the Fish

I've accomplished half of my mission, and there the enthusiasm has lagged.

The plan was, way back a couple months ago, to 'trade' fish tanks from home to office and office to home. This because Ben got his 'new' room and therefore had a little space for a fish tank (as opposed to the BIG space the larger tank and its table were using)... so I was commissioned to perform the switch.

I managed to get the larger tank to work along with its table... and my classically large goldfish are quite happy in the office. But when it comes to moving the little guys, I've not shown any progress for some time.

Here's what I think: (Can you hear the "Excuse Train" a comin'?)

The fish need careful transport, obviously.
They need water and a 'low slosh' means of conveyance.
- these things are not hard to accomplish

But they also need a willing and energetic mover - preferably an expert in aquatic relocation - to get them and their belongings from point 'A' to point 'B' with minimal 'death' as a result.
- I meet said qualifications... for the most part.

Its that 'willing and energetic' portion that gets me. After a day of work, the fish are tired and hungry, and they really just want me to feed them and see to it that I make it home to see the family. They'd rather not be bothered by travel - and yet, the prospect is alluring to them... for some other time, perhaps.

In all honesty, I think that I'm afraid that I'll fail.
I've been really lucky on most occasions of fishy comings and goings, but I've already broken my #1 rule with both current tanks of fish...

I've become attached!

...and therefore I actually care if I have to replace them.


I just need to get over it, move these fish, and get on with life!

(please record your sympathies when the post entitled "Flushing the Fish" comes up, as it will certainly do, now that I've completely jinxed the situation.)


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Anonymous said...

So, has this happened yet?


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