Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bike Commuting in October

So Martin Luther became a monk after he got caught in a storm on his way from one town to another... and I've always thought, "What a wimp!"

Then I decided to ride my bike to work Monday...

I'd made it about ten pedal strokes from my driveway and the first drop hit my glasses.

Such a tiny drop, its not going to be that bad! I can take it!

So me and my road bike move on, and I realize that the first drop was nothing more than a warning shot from the heavens! The others aren't falling, but wafting at me - which means snow.

"Ugh, its not too late, I should probably just get the car." But my car was already at work, we'd left it there Sunday to go out with friends. It had the bike rack that I'd been neglecting to use this month since I got the scooter.

"I'll keep going! It'll be fine!"

I realized later that the high for the day in Cleveland was something about 42 degrees, and that was mid-day sometime. I also heard that there'd been gusts of wind in the 25 mph range in the morning (getting to 50 mph later on). I also realized that I hadn't been on my bike for better than a month...

Well, I made it. And I didn't feel the need to pray to St. Anne anywhere on the route either.

However, I did feel like a wimp.

This week, the Fat Cyclist (a much more noble blogger than I... in many ways) is not a wimp.

His family's life is serving to put the whole internet-soaked and complaining world in perspective. If you have a minute, say a prayer for Elden, Susan and their family. These people are dealing with a lot!
And my prayer, as we come up on Reformation Day (All Hallows Eve for most) and All Saints Day (Nov. 1st), that those who know about the forgiveness and joy of Christ will be able to share that depth of happiness in a world so adversely affected by tragedy and grief.
I'll recover from my bike ride, sure. And you know I'll make attempts to ride when its even colder and gustier. But lets take a moment to thank God for the BIG recovery from sin that He's given to us in the Gospel message.
And thank God for Martin Luther's fear of lightning while you're at it!

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