Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cats and Fish

We're swapping the fish.
My "stand up fish" and his little friends are moving to the house, and the gigantor fish from home are going to come to work with me. (More on, "Bring your fish to work day" later.)

This isn't so much of a big deal, really. Two for two... except the tanks are going with them. I'm going from a 2.5 gallon here at the office, to a 15 gallon. Needless to say, its not going to sit on my desk anymore. My son will become the heir-apparent of the "stand up fish" as they will reside in his bedroom.

And as I write this less-than-newsworthy idea out, it occurs to me that I've yet to mention anything about the cat. My cat (well, my son's cat technically, but you know how those things go... it was part of his first birthday presents). Meghan and I just needed a cat again, and now Caesar sits around the house, without a single blog reference made. How sad!

I think that its because I'm becoming more allergic to him. And this disturbs me on a few levels.

First of all, I must share about our first cat, Opie. Opie and I were buds! We got him before children, I was in school (and therefore home a lot doing work), and as an added bonus; he was weird! Loved licking condensation off water bottles and sharing your apple as you ate it. (Seriously, you could put a can of tuna in front of him and he'd look at you completely non-plussed. But you slice a piece of fruit on the other end of the house and he's running to claim some for himself!) We had fun. Sadly, Opie died of a blood-clot a few weeks after we found out that we were expecting our son.

So now we have Caesar, weird in his own right, to be sure. And very friendly, etc.

The problem is ME.

I'm working now, we've got our son (and soon another), and the poor guy gets about as much attention as the fish. Which has given my body time to get used to "not being around" cats - so it thinks. This, combined with the end-of-summer allergens makes it impossible to so much as pet him without having itchy eyes for the rest of the night.

I'm lucky I guess. Its not a REAL cat allergy.

But it concerns me that I'm not home enough to tolerate my own cat's dander.

At least Caesar and the fish all still like me.

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