Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blessing of the Scooters Announcement

St. Paul Lutheran Church invites you to
The Blessing of the Scooters
(Motorcycles Welcome)
May 8th
10 a.m.

Everyone is Welcome regardless of denomination, belief, practice or lack thereof!

I’m the Associate Pastor at the church, and I’ve been riding to work for the last two years on my Buddy. Of course I get the usual scooter ribbing from our Harley-types around here, but they’re the friendly sort… hence the inclusion of the parenthetical ‘Motorcycles Welcome’ tacked on to our event. Even with plenty of MC’s around our church, there are other ‘Blessing of the Bikes’ events, so I thought that perhaps you guys might like something that’s for us (rather than ‘Scooters Welcome’ in parenthesis).

We’re still in the planning phases as far as exact details go, but here’s what we’ve been thinking:

May 8th, 2010 - 10:00 a.m.
- Free Coffee and Donuts with time to get to know everyone.
- A brief rite of general blessing and prayer, followed by an individual word of blessing for each rider/scooter.
- Followed by an easy hour of riding on a simple (+/- 30 mile) circuit – probably involving some riding in the Valley.
- Then going on our way, possibly having an unofficial lunch gathering at the Westlake/Avon Winking Lizard to round off the morning.

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