Thursday, February 18, 2010

The un-used devotional thought for today.

Today, as they do every month, some of the ladies of the congregation invited the two pastors out for lunch. It's often customary that we 'sing for our supper' by bringing along a devotional thought.

Since our other pastor had a wonderful thought in January, today was my turn.

As it turns out, the conversation never waned enough to do too much in the way of devotionals before the food came, so the following brief thought has as of yet been unused.

(aren't you lucky to be on the inside track?)

One of my facebook friends recently posted a status that went something like this;
"Wasting time at work; playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with Jess."

(normally I wouldn't include names, but you'll see that it's significant in a moment)

I read this status, and laughed out loud - myself at work, momentarily wasting time. But my laughter came even a bit louder when I re-read the post, because I'd managed to perform a mental typo...

When I first read her post, I'd added a 'u' to 'Jess'...

"Wasting time at work; Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with JESUS."

Now that would be a challenge!
I mean, come on! Not only can he know your thoughts, but I'm thinking that "Paper beats Rock" doesn't quite work the same way when you're up against the omnipotent Son of God.

Jesus always wins!

But then again, He's the personification of mercy and compassion. His very role in coming to save the World would seem to make such an arbitrary form of bargaining unnecessary. I mean, we could just pray and trust that things will work out.

You know, it sort of makes you realize that BECAUSE Jesus always wins,

You never lose!

What a reassuring thought as we come into the first Friday in Lent. Whether you give anything up or not, He's already settled the score by His sacrifice.


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