Sunday, February 8, 2009

Warm days in Ohio

It is still February, right?

The weather right now (7:15 am) is telling me that its just shy of 40 degrees outside.
Yesterday we just about hit 60 as a high!

Ben and I had been outside playing in the snow after lunch, and after his nap he awoke to find that our sledding 'run' and the small snow-brick wall that we'd build were no longer the things of beauty that they once were... three hours before.

Snow is such a fickle thing...

But thats ok, at least we get some to play in while it lasts!

By the way, Ben has become surprisingly good at throwing snowballs... one reason that I'm a little glad the snow is melting. Not so much because I'm bothered by getting hit by him, but because he gets me so regularly and with enough force that I'm a little prone to forget that he's three (and how short he is), and that resulted in a couple snowballs in his chest yesterday... which of course exploded into his face as any reasonable snowball would.

He loved it!
I felt pretty bad.
But then we laughed and warmed up inside.

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