Wednesday, January 7, 2009

...and we're back!

Sorry about the wait...

...because I know that all three or four of you absolutely live and breathe by this blog.

[crickets chirping]

We were out of town for what I declare to be the best way to 'do' Christmas ever!

Seems that if you wait until after December 25, everything in the world is worth about 40-75% less than what it was the day before. ...and that means great buying fun for all the extended family!

We weren't able to get out of town to see relatives for the actual holiday (part of the job, etc.), so we knew that we could wait to buy gifts... at least that was the excuse. But actually, going shopping (not returning, that's entirely different) after Christmas day is a BLAST!!!

[insofar as shopping at any time can actually be a 'blast']

We were able to give things as gifts that would've been WAY out of our price-range.
We were able to buy two of things instead of one.
We were able to take our time amidst stores that were markedly less full than a few days earlier.
We were able to do our little part of stimulating the economy.
(stress on little part)

But we're back in town now, with plenty of new things to talk about, so...

Happy New Year!

Happy Epiphany!

Merry Christmas! (if you're of the Eastern Church)

...we'll talk again soon.


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