Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nice Days to Ride

My "favorite" bike's birthday is coming up next month.

I use the term favorite loosely, as many who are prone to bicycle would. The truth is that I simply have a soft spot in my heart for my '63 Varsity.
(see her featured as the Schwinn headliner - right)

She's going to be 45 years old on October 16th.

That's a Thursday, so I think that I'll be able to pay her some attention... I think.

You see, my job allows me a few days per week of flexibility when I am not necessarily required to be mobilized at a moment's notice: going to a hospital to visit someone just admitted is the primary culprit here. So I have established a pattern of two, sometimes 3 days/week when I can blissfully ride the 4.5 miles to work without guilt or worry of needing immediate long-range transportation.

But another variable attached to this equasion, is that I'm still a bit of a wuss when it comes to inclament weather and commuting by bike. And as it often is, the days when I cannot ride (Tues. & Wed.), it is "beautiful day today in Cleveland" - and the days when I can ride, "well, the roads are a little wet out there this morning."

Its not a very good excuse, really. She's got the right tires. She's got decent brakes. There are the original chrome fenders that rattle subtly as they glisten. She's got a flat handlebar, a nearly-vintage rear rack, and a very functionally updated rear deraileur., I'm just a wimp.

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