Wednesday, August 27, 2008

one stand-up fish

As part of my workspace-beautification project, I have a couple of goldfish on my desk. They reside in their little tank, somewhat greener around the edges than I'd care to admit, and are generally happy. They're small enough to assist conversation as people swing by for the first time;
"Are there fish in there? Oh yes, there they are!"

They do not have names, because when you name them... they die.

But we have a mutual admiration-thing going nonetheless.
- I feed them
- They like me

Both of the fish seem to like watching me work. They're probably just hoping and praying that 'feed the fish' is next on my agenda, but its encouraging in a way as well.

But when they get bored, that's when things get interesting for me as an observer.

I'll casually glance over from time to time and regularly observe my fantail doing a little bit of fishy acrobatics - aquabatics, perhaps? He likes to hang out with his nose either straight down - or, just as common, with is face looking straight up. Sometimes the process of going from one position to the other causes an exhibition of a full underwater somersault!

There have been many goldfish in my life over the years - hence the discovery of the
"don't name them or they'll die" rule - but even my other fantails (who wind up with those wonderfully googly eyes) never put on such a show.

I do believe that I'm just going to be distracted for the rest of this fish's life!

...maybe I should give him a name.

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