Monday, August 25, 2008

contemplative blogging

So, I'm trying to figure out just where this blog is taking me...

how lame! try again...

Well, here I am!

are you kidding me?

What do you want from me? A blog about something worthwhile? Well, that's just not likely to happen... Wait, why am I talking to myself? I guess that's just the nature of the beast.

I've been getting hooked on various blogs recently, and the common thread is that you usually have someone 'out there' that you perceive is paying at least a modicum of attention. Not me though. Oh no! I'm not even going to pretend that you're reading this even now...

...and that somehow breaks my heart just a little bit.

Huh... I guess that's weird. But I also think that its pretty normal.
Here we are, a culture of on-line 'addition-makers' seeking to be heard, read, commented on, rss'd, whatever... Its just the idea of being 'out there' I guess.

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